Contemporary furniture for restaurants and cafes

Interiors and furniture are significant and have to be focused for aesthetic and comfort. Your customers visit your cafes and hotels, want to feel relaxed and have a great feel. Style your place with chic and elegant looking furniture. Moreover, your chairs and tables and have to be long-lasting and easily maintained.


L120 Table in a restaurant

Contemporary furniture is eye-catching:

Modern furniture in your restaurant would be classy and adds interiors to your home. If you have an outdoor place in your cafe, Brad chairs, and the L20 Table would look comfy. As Zown folding chairs and Tables can withstand any climatic conditions, you can just forget about its maintenance in any kind of weather.


Cocktail Table

Aruba Set for couples:

If you own a restaurant or cafe in which you have more couples walk-in, Aruba Set(1 Folding Chair and 2 Alex Chair) would work fine in your cozy restaurant. Having a neutral color scheme in your restaurant will make your space more modern and memorable to all who visit.


Aruba Set

Why Folding Furniture for Restaurant?


Brad Chair and XL4 Table

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, catering and even ballroom requires lightweight folding chairs and tables for a quick arrangement. Heavyweight chairs and tables are hard to move around. Moreover, maintenance is another difficulty you face when it comes to hotels and restaurants. Smart designs and impeccable quality are the greatest trademarks of Zown Contract.